Social Studies/History

Unit 1:  Physical features of North America

World Geographic knowledge:  7 continents, 4 oceans, US physical features, - mountains, Great Lakes, major rivers, Great Plains, countries to the north and south of the US

Map Skills:  Use a compass rose for directions, use latitude and longitude to find locations, use a map scale to estimate distances

Vocabulary Words:  geogrpahy, climate, globe, latitude, longitude, physical features, landform, compass, prime meridian, equator, penninsula, tributary gulf



Unit 2:  Native Amerian Indians

Migration routes to North and South America

American Indians customs, cultures, beliefs, and connection to the natural enviornment

Seven American Indian Culutral Regions:  Northwest Coast, California Intermountain, Southwest, Plateau, Great Plains, Eastern Woodlands, Southeast

Map Skills:  Identify early American Indian migration routes from Asia in North and South America, Identify the seven Cultural Regions 

Vocuabulary Words: adaptation, enviornment, migration, natural resources, culture, nomadic, artifacts, mesa, gorge, pueblo,